Unusual architectural project

A spaceship, a traditional Kazakh yurt or a circus tent? This building at one time was one of the business cards of the city, and even now Almaty residents like to walk around it and enjoy pleasant sunny days on the benches at their favorite circus. The building was built with the initiative of the first secretary of the Kazakh SSR Central Committee Dinmukhamed Kunaev in 1972, his project was developed by specially invited architects from Ukraine: Katsev and Slonov.

Professional horsemen riders

The Kazakh State Circus has many talents, but the school for circus riders brought it the worldwide fame. Dzhigitovka, or trick riding is acrobatic tricks and stunts performed while riding horses. A similar type of circus art has been tried in many countries of the world, but so far our artists are the best riders in the world. The business card of our circus is the number where the rider jumps off the galloping horse, dives between its legs while the horse is moving, and climbs into the saddle again.

Medal winners of world festivals

Artists of the Kazakh State Circus won prizes at the world’s leading festivals many times. For example, an aerial gymnast Darkhan Kambyshev won major awards at international circus festivals in Paris, Grenoble and Moscow during the year, and the White Birds flight of the Aliyev artists took the Grand Prix of the international circus festival in France.

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