Historical reference

From the mid-19th century, this street was one of the key places in the life of the city of Verny. In Soviet times, it was Arbat that was the center of youth meetings, the heart of all city events and the favorite leisure zone for weekends. After turning the Panfilov street into the pedestrian zone, Arbat seemed to have been reborn — even on a cold winter evening, you can meet Almaty citizens or city guests taking a walk.

The heart of cultural life

You can find just about anyone on the Arbat – magicians and musicians, artists and dancers … It’s never boring, and life is in full swing at any time of the day. This is where the annual summer festival of contemporary art ArtBatFest takes place, when right on the street you can see unusual sculptural installations or performances of city theaters. In the summer, bright flash mobs and art band performances often take place on the Arbat, and cheerful young people sing songs with a guitar.

District infrastructure

Along the street there are two large shopping centers – CUS and Passage, and two cinemas –Lumiera Cinema and Caesar. The area is filled with countless bookstores, fashion and jewelry stores, art galleries, theaters, coffee shops and restaurants. In 2017, there was a large-scale reconstruction of the street, after which the Arbat became greener and more comfortable, and new benches and playgrounds appeared all around it.

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