Historical background

Panfilova Street was formed in the second half of the 19th century as a meridional crossing the center of the city of Verny from north to south, and then it housed: a military cathedral, artillery barracks, small officials, merchants, and wealthy artisans settled. The street was considered second-rate, adjacent to the center where the city nobility lived. In Soviet times, the street was thoroughly reconstructed and landscaped, planted with deciduous trees, such as elm (elm) and poplar. The main irrigation irrigation canals were laid, in which in summer daily water was let in from the head irrigation canal.


Panfilova remained unchanged until the summer of 2017, when it was decided to carry out major reconstruction and transformation of the street with its reconstruction, making it pedestrian from the intersection with Zhibek Zholy Street to the intersection with Kabanbai Batyr Street. Throughout the street dry fountains with lights at night, benches, urns, original lighting lamps, author’s small architectural forms, as well as modern playgrounds were installed. During construction work on Panfilov Street, 22 thousand square meters were covered with granite tiles, 178 street lamps and two fountains were installed. During the reconstruction, 350 parking spaces, more than 300 advertising structures were dismantled, and the facades of 11 houses were repaired. During the reconstruction, the workers preserved a fragment of the cobblestone pavers found during the reconstruction of the 30s. Throughout Panfilov Street, “smart” traffic lights are installed.

Infrastructure of the district

In all reconstructed areas, adult trees were planted in the autumn planting period to ensure their maximum survival. In addition, an automatic irrigation system for green spaces was laid for this, new aryky trays and more were installed. Along the street there are two large shopping centers TSUM and Passage, two cinemas – Lumiera Cinema and Caesar. The area is filled with countless bookstores, fashion and jewelry stores, art galleries, theaters, coffee houses and restaurants.

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