Cityscape Business Card

городской пейзаж с гостиницей Казахстан

This building has been on all postcards with landscapes of the city for more than 30 years now. The facade of the building is a classic example of the Soviet modernity, and it is crowned with a real crown – a symbol of nobility and dignity. The hotel first opened its doors for guests in 1977, and in 1979 was entered in the register of architectural monuments of national importance.

The peculiarity of this building is its height – 26 floors or 102 meters. For a city where earthquakes are a daily routine, the construction of such an object was a real breakthrough. High seismic resistance of the hotel is provided by a special foundation resembling a bowl and an oval reinforced concrete column, which is the backbone of the building.

Гостиница Казахстан

The whole city is in full view

For those who want to feel like a part of the city, the hotel offers cozy rooms of varying degrees of comfort. But it is not necessary to live in a hotel to enjoy its main advantage – a stunning view of the city. You can enjoy the exciting panorama by visiting the restaurant Bar Fly, located on the 26th floor of the building.

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