Classic building of the Vernensky period

историческое фото дома тканей

This building is an amazing example of architecture from the middle of the XIX century. Its architect was P. V. Gurde, the creator of many famous urban buildings of that era. The project was made in the neo-Russian style: patterned shutters, a symmetrical composition of the facade, a dome with a scaly coating and carved cornices … The house looks like a fairy-tale tower, where the magical princess lives.

Historical context

From the very moment of its construction, the building belonged to the largest trading company of that time, “I. Gabdulvaliyev and sons. ” Merchants were engaged in trade in manufactory, perfumery and haberdashery. By the way, one of the clerks of the trading house was the father of the well-known Soviet leader D.A. Kunaev.

Remaining loyal to fabrics

Nowadays there’s fabric trade in the building, just like both in the old Vernensky and in Soviet times. Silk, chintz, velvet, lace – here you can find everything your heart desires. Passing between the rows, try to feel the spirit of the times, feel how lively was the trading in this place fifty or even a hundred years ago.

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