The citizens’ favorite leisure place

The main city amusement park, water park, dolphinarium, dinopark, boating – in this park, it’s hard to get bored even if you want to. In the middle of the central lake, on the island, there is a restaurant that you can take a boat to or stroll along the lovely openwork bridge. Various strength meters, shooting galleries, magicians, face painting artists – here we can, as they say, “see others and show ourselves”

Active life is a guarantee of health

In the park, everything is organized to maintain the health of citizens and outdoor enthusiasts. Bicycle paths and mini-fields for volleyball and basketball, sports grounds with exercise equipment, convenient paths for running – you can spend time in Gorky Park with great benefit. Which, of course, is enjoyed with pleasure by the townspeople living in the surrounding areas.

History of the park

This park can be safely called the oldest in the city – back in 1856, the State Garden was laid on the floodplain of the Malaya Almatinka River, which was to serve as a place for walks and rest of the brave officers of the Vernensky garrison. During the revolution, meetings and gatherings took place here. In 1937, a zoo was founded in the eastern part of the park.

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