One of the best parks of the Republic



The park is located in the valley of the Ili River and is considered one of the foremost parks of the republic, especially in the field of protection of natural wonders, flora and fauna, as well as in the organization of tourist activities and nature recreation. «Altyn Emel», which in Kazakh means «Golden Sand» was founded in 1996 by order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to preserve this unique natural zone, plants and animals living in it.


Singing Barkhan (Sand Dune)

This is one of the most famous attractions of the park, especially loved by tourists. It is a huge sand dune, about 3 km long and 120 m high. A unique feature of this sand dune is that in dry weather the wind flying over the park collides with a sand dune and produces amazingly melodic sounds. The «music» of the dune can be heard several kilometers around it.


It is also called the «Stonehenge» of the Kazakh steppes, but the purpose of creating Besshatyr was a little more definite. This complex of kurgans served as the tomb of the Saki (Scythian) rulers, reigning in the times of the 6th-3rd centuries BC. And although from the side of the complex it resembles natural hills, 45 stones with images of various animals clearly indicate the man-made origin of the place.


Tanbaly Tas

This is the most famous monument in the region, which has preserved traces of ancient cave paintings – petroglyphs. The most famous of these drawings are solar men – symbols of the Kazakh pagan deity Tengri. It is believed that the age of these petroglyphs is more than 2 thousand years, that is, they were created approximately in the XVI-XIV centuries BC.

Katutau and Aktau

These magical mountains are truly unusual natural attractions. The colored slopes of the Aktau Mountains will amaze you with shades of red, pink, green and blue stone. The origin of such an unusual landscape is associated with the presence in this area of the ancient ocean, dried up millions of years ago. Katutau is interesting for its unusual shape, created due to the eruption of an ancient volcano. In the area of these mountains, scientists even found the remains of dinosaurs.

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