Kaindy Lake

Kaindy Lake

The beauty of sunken trees

The Kaindy lake of unearthly beauty is located among the mountain landscapes of the majestic gorges of the Kungei-Alatau, behind one of the winding turns of the road, 11 kilometers from the village of Saty. Located at an altitude of 1,667 meters above sea level, the lake isn’t of significant size – its length is only 400 meters and the depth is 30 meters. But the main thing about the lake is not its size, but the mysterious ghosts of sunken trees, rising above the serene surface of the lake.

«There is no fish in Kaindy, and this is one of its unique features. But the presence of fish in the lake, most likely, would not have preserved the pristine beauty of the lake.»

The origin of the lake

By the standards of natural processes, the lake can be called young – it was formed only about a century ago as a result of an earthquake. A strong landslide blocked the gorge and the water flooded the glade with coniferous trees. Cold water, whose temperature even in summer does not exceed 6 degrees, did not allow the needles to decompose and the trunks of trees are clearly visible through the clear surface of the water. This creates a halo of mystical splendor around the lake.

The light-bluish color of the water, the ringing silence and perfect calm form a unique atmosphere around the lake. This is what makes the lake so popular among tourists. There are many tours to the lake that can be booked at almost any travel agency. In the period from April to September, you can stay overnight in tents near the lake, and for lovers of comfort, cozy guest houses are located near the Kolsai lakes.