An overly realistic decoration



This place was built as a decoration for the film “Nomad”, which was released in 2005. But you will be surprised by how organically it fits into the surrounding landscape. Now this city is often called the “Nomad Fortress”, and thousands of tourists flock to this tourist site every year. It is located on the banks of the Ili River, just 30 km from Kapchagai.

Life inside the fortress

The complex includes several types of unique buildings made in the style of the XVIII century: these are towers and fortress walls, residential quarters and an “ancient” mosque with minarets … There is an ethnographic camp on the territory of the fortress, thematic events are periodically held, workshops are arranged, many photoshoots take place here.

Imaginary time machine

When visiting the fortress, you feel as if you’ve used the time machine to get there. As if in the distant past, you wander around the city blocks and can almost hear the sound of hooves and the voices of local residents. Bright images and unique sensations appear in your head. In addition to visiting the fortress itself, you can walk along the banks of the largest river of Semirechye and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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