Big Almaty Lake

Big Almaty Lake

A heart-stealing place

The lake of bewitching beauty is located among the picturesque mountains of the Tien Shan at an altitude of over 2500 meters at sea level. Scientists suggest that a beautiful body of water is the trail of an earthquake that struck the area thousands of years ago. Just 15 km from the city of Almaty and you find yourself in a stunning landscape of fabulous beauty.

Incredible, but …

The water changes color from turquoise blue to emerald green.

Mysterious nature of the lake

One of the mysterious features of the lake is its ever-changing color, from azure blue to richly emerald. Against the background of snow-white mountain peaks and centuries-old majestic pines, accompanied by the ringing natural silence and brilliance of the sun’s rays on the water surface … All of this together leaves an unforgettable impression that you should definitely experience in this life.

Beauty does not need much

The lake is not big – the length of its coastline is only about 3 km, and the depth is 40 meters. At length, the lake stretches for 1.6 km, and its maximum width reaches 1 km. In winter, the lake becomes much smaller, and in August the water level can rise by 20 meters. The lake is surrounded by majestic peaks, the most famous of which are the Tourist (3954 m), Ozerny (4110 m) and the Soviet Peak (4317 m).