The theater was founded in 2001 in Almaty by a team of professional actors and directors. The theater is the first independent theater company in Kazakhstan, leading among non-state theaters in the country.

Over its 20-year history, ARTiSHOK has become a true landmark of Almaty, a theater that reflects the spirit of the city — open, friendly, and free.

The theater’s repertoire is diverse and multi-genre, including performances based on world literature, contemporary, European, Kazakhstani, and Russian drama, musical productions, and plays for children and teenagers.

ARTiSHOK promotes a unique direction for Kazakhstan — «author’s theater» independently developing themes and its own dramaturgy. It is a theater of exploration — of people, phenomena, relationships, events, documents, biographies, and time.

The majority of ARTiSHOK’s performances are created through the method of actor improvisation.


We draw on international professional experience and eagerly implement new theatrical forms and directions in Kazakhstan.

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