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The square was opened in 1975, in 1980 officially as the main square of the capital of Kazakhstan; it served as a venue for mass demonstrations, celebrations, holidays, military parades, and festivities. This is the largest square in the city; its size is 580 meters in length and 210 meters in the widest part. It is where festivals, parades, ceremonies and sporting events are held. In 1992, Nauryz was first celebrated on the square, since during the time of perestroika it was allowed to modestly celebrate only on the old square.

The Independence Monument

The main attraction of the Republic Square is the Independence Monument, which was created by a team of authors under the strict guidance of Shota Valikhanov. This monument serves as a symbol of modern Kazakhstan. The center of the composition of the Independence Monument is a 28-meter stele crowned with the figure of the legendary Golden Man, under whose feet a winged leopard flies.

The Akimat of the city of Almaty

The central compositional emphasis of the square is the Akimat of the city of Almaty, around which an ensemble of buildings, former institutes of party history and the Ministry of Agriculture, the Almaty Palace of Schoolchildren, the hardware-studio complex of the Khabar agency, the Ocean store and others are being formed. For the architecture of the complex of buildings of the square, a group of architects, builders and designers (Nurmakov K.K., Koishybaev N., Statenin A.G., Tumanyan Yu.B., Kapanov A.K., Montakhaev K.Zh., Pavlov M.P., Seydalin R.A.) was awarded the USSR State Prize for 1982.

акимат города Алматы

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