The gift of absolute freedom

This kind of extreme entertainment is not for everyone. To gain courage, to gather the trembling hamstrings and step into the open space of the sky, you need to have a lot of inner strength and inflexibility of spirit. Those who have passed this path to the end, of course, receive a well-deserved reward for the feeling of boundless freedom and wings that have grown behind their backs.

Taking care of your safety

The most burning question, of course, remains the issue of safety. Still, in this case, the question of life and death is particularly acute. Therefore, when preparing for jumps, everything is checked ten times for the serviceability and coordination of the equipment, knowledge of safety precautions and conditions for making the jump. The control is carried out by professional instructors who have more than 100 jumps behind their backs.

Location of the airfield

Flights are being made from the airfield, in the «Baiserke» village, which is located in the North of Almaty, a 30-minute drive along the Kapchagai highway. The jump is being made from a height of 900 meters, during the flight you will be accompanied by an instructor, but there is mandatory 4-hour instruction. Deciding to jump with a parachute is like starting a new life. Are you ready to take risks?

Baiserke airfield

The gates of the Baiserke airfield are open to everyone, every Saturday and Sunday.

At 9.00 we are waiting for everyone who wants to jump with a parachute, from a height of 900 meters

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