Rope Jumping

Rope Jumping

The free flight delight

This is a kind of extreme entertainment where people jump from tall objects and for a few seconds are in free fall, after which they hang on a special professional climbing insurance. Jumps are available for people with a strong nervous system, ages from 18 to 60 years. This type of jumping is considered the safest in its field and is popular with thrill-seekers.

Running up and jumping off a cliff …

In Almaty, Rope-jumpers have several popular points – an abandoned pipe on the Almaty-Kapchagai highway, a dam in the Almarasan gorge and in the area of the Kargalinka river. The height of the jump varies depending on the object, as well as the experience and the preparation level of the jumper, but in general, the range is from 45 to 180 meters. Jumps take place every weekend in the warm season, there are several teams in the city offering such services.

High security guarantee

For those who are worried about safety, we can say that the insurance system is always thought out and has a weight margin of 50 times the size, that is, it can withstand a weight of up to 2.5 tons (a car). Instructors undergo a rigorous selection process – they must have at least 3 years of experience and several hundred jumps in stock before they are allowed to work with clients.