The largest park in Asia

On the territory of the Forest Fairy Tale resort, known to all Almaty residents, there is a stunning attraction – the largest in Asia and the third largest in the world trolley park “Spirit of Tien Shan”. It consists of 7 tracks, the total length of which is about 3 km. The maximum length of one cable is 560 meters – you can only imagine how many emotions you will experience while there!

Faster than a car

Trolley park will be appreciated by lovers of extreme and thrill, high speeds, and other brave souls who decide to test their strength of spirit! The flight over the gorge takes place at an altitude of 126 meters, and the acceleration speed reaches 100 km / h – such conditions are due to the unique structure of the mountains of this area. The numbers are already dizzying – imagine what you will feel when you start to move!

Path to the start

To climb up to the beginning of the route at the base of the OY-Karagay gorge, you will need about 3 hours, depending on your level of training and physical fitness. On the way to the place, an experienced guide will tell you about the Tien Shan mountains and the peculiarities of the local nature, animals and plants that live here. On the way, you can take a break in the comfortable gazebos and enjoy the beauty of the local nature.

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