Flights route

Hot air balloon flight, unusual entertainment, absolute romance and particular
emotions. In general the flight lasts approximately 1 hour, it depends on the weather.
You will fly over the picturesque views of the gorge Kaskelen – Uzunagach, over the
mountains, hills and fields. Rise above the clouds and break away from the hustle
and bustle of the earth, enjoying the special high-altitude sunlight.

Emotions cannot be expressed in words

Imagine, you will be able to see the earth from the height of the flight of birds, enjoy
incredible landscapes and an exciting sight, feel yourself like a traveler from Jules
Verne’s books… This adventure will stay in your mind forever and will keep you
warm on cold winter evenings, and could tell this to your grandchildren with proud of

Unusual present

Hot air balloon flight is a perfect way to confess your love and make a marriage
proposal, have fun with your friends or make unforgettable dinner for a close person.
All flights are performed by experienced instructors, participants of local and
international competitions, real professionals in their field, so you can not worry
about your safety.

Flight at altitude — up to 500 meters

Duration — 50-60 minutes.
Amount of people — 2-4 people. The place of flight is the foothills of Ushkonyr.
Ushkonyr or village. Factory, 35 km from the city limits.

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