Ski resorts

Ski resorts

They say that the best snowboarders and skiers end up in Almaty after death… Of course, in a city so close to the mountains there have to be ski resorts. Here, everyone will find a track to their liking – soft, gentle slopes for beginners, fast slopes for professionals, and springboards for stuntmen. A variety of complexes will allow you to admire the beautiful views and enjoy the stunning nature.


This complex is located near the city and therefore is always filled with athletes and tourists of all stripes. Some complain of fairly high prices, but the location benefits and the level of service fully justify their cost. In addition to the trails, you will find pleasant cafes and restaurants at the complex, a rope park and other types of entertainment for the whole family.

АлматыГорный курорт Шымбулак — Яндекс Карты


The resort is located outside the city of Talgar, 1.5 hours drive from Almaty. Here you will find fewer people and more free space for maneuvers, convenient cable cars, equipment rental, instructors who will help you get up on skis or a snowboard. There are tracks of different difficulty levels, for beginners and professionals, and children can enjoy riding special balloons with pleasure.

АК БулакГорнолыжный комплекс в Алматинской областиЛыжная база в Алматинской области


This sports and entertainment complex contains everything you need for active recreation, interesting trails, stunning landscapes of the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau, warm Finnish grill arbors, a restaurant. The resort has 5 adult trails for experienced athletes and a slope for balloon riding with children. There is equipment rental and a skiing school.

Горнолыжная база ТабаганГорнолыжный комплекс в Алматинской областиЛыжная база в Алматинской области


Mountain Resort “Oi-Qaragai” is an all-season family mountain resort in the center of Eurasia, surrounded by the pristine nature of the foothills of the Tien Shan, with sincere service, Eurasian culture, giving all Guests the opportunity to unite with loved ones, partners, colleagues in active leisure with comfortable living conditions and healthy nutrition. The unique infrastructure of the Mountain Resort “Oi-Qaragai” is represented by accommodation, catering and leisure facilities, which have no analogues in Central Asia, and some even in the World. “Village on trees”, included in the rating of the top 10 best eco-hotels in the world, the largest yurt in the World, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, a unique trolley park, a climbing wall on natural mountain terrain, Ethno-SPA “UMAI”, located in traditional Kazakh yurts and much more makes “Oi-Qaragai” is the only place where there is everything so that a guest can connect with nature and return to his origins.

Oi-Qaragai на карте Алматинской области — Яндекс Карты


1. Almaty region, Talgar district, Shimbulak village
2. Almaty region, Talgar district, Ryskulovo village
3. Almaty region, Talgar district, Beskainar village
4.Almaty region, Talgar district, Beskainar village