Reckless downhiller guys

This is a downhill bike ride down the mountain. To decide to do it, you need to have a sufficient amount of “cycling experience”, have a well-trained “iron horse” and preferably a person who can help get to the city and provide first aid in case of a fall. This entertainment is only for the riskiest!

DownHill competitions are held annually in Almaty, which attracts athletes from all over the world.

Popular routes

Almaty trails are quite complex, because they are full of holes, snags, steep descents and turns, stones and bumps. The most popular local routes are: Medeo, Kok-Zhailau, Kimasarovskoe Gorge, Shymbulak and Jaguar Park. The community of downhillers in Almaty cannot be called a big one, but in small circles, there is a solid friendship – you can get to know them and ask to form a group and show interesting routes.

Infinite adrenaline

It is difficult for an ordinary person to understand these reckless extreme lovers, but among those “who are in on it” they say that speedy descents in the mountains are an incomparable pleasure. “The wind hitting the face, the difficult resistance of the bike to the road, the whistle of the wind and the feeling of wings behind your back” – that’s how athletes describe what they feel during their risky walks.

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