Extremal, but not really

Rafting is a type of extremal entertainment, the main idea of this is to swim along the
flow of mountain rivers on inflatable boats, called rafts. Although, the extremity of
entertainment is actually quite relative and depends on the selected route. Even small
children can be on rivers with minimal difficulty (of course, accompanied by adults).

Challenge your powers

The capacity of the boats is from 4 people, one of which is necessarily an instructor. To challenge
the elements, to overcome the turbulent currents and treacherous rapids is a real challenge, after
coping with which you will feel an incredible surge of emotions and indescribable delight from
your own strength!

Some popular routes in Almaty region

Ili, Chilik and Turgen’ are the most favourite Almaty rafter’s rivers. Championships in
this sport are constantly held. Rafting is the most favourite entertainment for team
buildings, when the rivers are conquered by employees of large and small
companies, sometimes even competing with each other. The average length of the
route reaches from 2 to 5 km.

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