Horse in kazakh culture

Horse is a sacred animal for kazakhs. Some scientists think that the first domestication of wild horses began just on the territory of modern Kazakhstan. Beautiful horses are the main part of art, symbolism, musical and ethnic areas of kazakh people. Rites of “initiation” of men are connected with horses, they are the symbols of power and freedom of the spirit. According to legend the first domestication of wild horses began just on the territory of modern Kazakhstan. Horses became the basis of nomadic life and symbol of freedom of kazakh people.

With mother’s milk

Kazakhs have been getting closer to horses since childhood. Since the age of 5, kids have been taught horse riding. In adolescence they already take part in competitions and horse racing, most national games, for Nauryz for example, are connected with horses. Despite the transition to a sedentary lifestyle and the construction of large cities, horses are still important. Here are some equestrian sport complexes, where you can get knowledge on horse riding or just an opportunity to have an equestrian walk.

Best places for equestrian sports

Almaty Horse&Polo Club

Equestrian complex is located 35 kilometers from Almaty, outside the city Talgar, in the Shubaragash tract. There are 3 stables and horse racing arenas on its territory, there are also horse riding, dressage and show jumping training.

Altyn Tai

Complex is located in Butakovsky Gorge, 22 minutes from Al-Farabi. There you can find an indoor arena, a field with professional soil for horse riding training and professional competitions.

«G&K Horse Dream GMBH»

Full representative of the German company, the training center made for comfortable «friendship» between humans and horses. The first and only one trail “Heaven in levada” simulates conditions, in which horses live in wild nature, which makes the walks more fascinating.

«7 club»

Club is located outside the city, a 30 minutes drive towards Kaskelen. Here you can try horseback riding, practicing individually or keeping your own horse. For representatives of all ages, there are subscriptions for therapeutic horse riding sessions.

Oi-Karagay (rus. Lesnaya Skazka)

The Forest Fairy Tale (rus. Lesnaya Skazka) complex has its own horse park. In addition to the usual riding lessons, they teach how to take care of horses and organize horse tours through the gorges of the Tien Shan Mountains, lasting from 30 minutes to 6 hours.

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