Music – is one of the most accessible ways to know the Soul of nation.

In this museum you can hear Kazakh national melodies, see authentic musical instruments and even try yourself as a conductor of a virtual orchestra.

A rich collection of exhibits

In fact, the museum is not limited only to Kazakh folk instruments: there, you will find musical items used by our closest neighbors: Kyrgyz, Mongols, Uzbeks, etc. The permanent exhibition presents only a small part of the collection – 297 exhibits from the 2,000 available. In the collection, you will find more than 40 types and varieties of musical instruments: dombra, kobyz, dangyry, syldyrmaks and others.

Unique building

The very building of the museum deserves special attention. Its construction was completed in 1908, it is one of the few buildings in the city from the times of Verny. Its architectural style can be described as a classic of ancient Russian architecture. During its long life, the building hosted the Officer Assembly of Verny, the party club, the post and telegraph office, the Krasnaya Zvezda cinema, and it’s only in 1980 that the Museum of Kazakh National Instruments opened there.

From the past to the future

A museum is not only a collection of antiquities, the museum leaders say. Therefore, here you will find the latest technology achievements – holographic guides, may tables with information, music library with music from different times and nations. The museum also has an interactive hall where you can feel like a real conductor and create an entire orchestra by managing virtual musical instruments.

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