The capital of apples

You probably already know that the city of Almaty was called Alma-Ata before, which means “Father of apples”. Because of that it’s clear where Almaty gets such a reverent attitude to this fruit. Any resident of the city over 50 years old will spend hours talking about what a stunning aport they had in their childhood if you let them. The inhabitants of the city have always had a special relationship with apples, so much so that they decided to open this museum in their honor.

Listen to tales about the apples, look at the apples …

The only thing you can’t do is try the apples in the versatile Alma Museum. For this, better head to the Green Bazaar. But in the museum you can hear the stories and memories of Almaty citizens about the famous aport, see photos, videos, and interactive media … According to the creator of this museum, the main goal of this space is to have a continuous dialogue with the city and the citizens.

An apple from everywhere in the world

The museum will store not only local exhibits, it is planned to collect material from around the world – legends and myths, catch phrases, paintings and traditions. All this with one goal – to understand what place an apple occupies in the culture of the modern world. The central theme of the exhibition will be the Sivers apple tree, the most famous progenitor of all apple varieties.

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