The State Literary and Memorial Museum Complex of Sabit Mukanov and Gabit Musrepov was established on February 8, 1999 on the basis of two existing museums of S. Mukanov (opened on November 21, 1978) and G. Musrepov (opened in May 1987). The initiator of the creation, founder and first director of the literary and memorial museum of Sabit Mukanov was a friend of the Mukanov family, Bekishev Hakim Nurgalievich (1976-1986). Under his leadership, the museum’s exposition was launched in 1976, which was created by the creative group of the artist-restorer Shamil Kozhakhanov. The work lasted two years and on November 21 1978 took place the grand opening of the writer’s house-museum. In the year of the museum’s opening, a memorial plaque made by sculptor Dzhanyzbekov Toktagazy Dzhanizbekovich was installed on the house where Sabit Mukanov lived.

He is also the author of the project of the bust of the writer, which is planned to be installed at the intersection of Tulebaev and Karasai batyr streets, not far from the memorial house-museum. In 1989, a creative team headed by Becket Musrepov, a member of the Union of Designers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, held a re-exhibition at the museum. From 1986 to 1999, the director of the Sabit Mukanov Memorial House-Museum was his granddaughter, Nailya Arstanovna Mukanova. In 1987 was created the memorial house-museum of G.Musrepov. The founder of the museum is the daughter of the writer – Musrepova Engelina Gabitovna. The head of the department of the Musrepov House-Museum is Nazira Kozhakhmetovna Dauletova (1987-1993). Currently, the State Literary and Memorial Museum Complex of S.Mukanov and G.Musrepov is headed by the director – Kudabayeva Gulnar Zhetpisovna, the main curator of the museum complex is Mukanova Kamilya Arstanovna.

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