Ahmet Baitursynov and his family lived in the Zubov house in 1934–1937. After the rehabilitation of the former Alash Orda government in 1988, the house was recognized as a historical and architectural monument and in 1993 a memorial house-museum was opened. House museum of XX century’s great reformer, public activist and statesman, scientist and linguist, poet and translator, scholar of the Turkish studies- Ahmet Baitursynuly. House museum consists of four rooms and one-room basement. The exhibition is located in three rooms and lecture hall in the other room. The basement is designated for the staff office of Ahmet Baitursynuly Fund and Museum. Museums’s fund has a collection of about 500 items on the theme of Baitursynuly’s life and work, 300 of which are original documents from the state archives, 12 personal and 27 collective photographs.

The first hall is called “The Revival of Spirituality”. It displays the distinction award “Coryphaeus of Kazakh Language” (original 1999) and a medal “Man of the Century” (copy, 1999. The original is kept in the Museum of  Kostanai State University of A.Baitursynuly). The second hall is called “The light of Kazakh Thought”. There, all of the exhibits consist of archival   documents, which give an idea about the life journey of the scientist beginning with his school years. There are also the photographs of Kazakh-Russian school where Baitutsynuly studied, graduation certificate from Orenburg school, photograph of Akkol Lake (White Lake) which was so praised by the poet, and photograph of burial places of his father Baitusyn and his older brother Kali. The third hall is called “The Victim of Political Repressions”. A great scientist and a citizen who devoted all of his life to native language, history and culture of the Kazakh people was convicted and repressed. This hall has a copy of a document “on the arrest” (an order) and a photograph of Baitursynuly before the execution. From the third hall we go back to the first one. The right corner is furnished with Baitursunuly’s personal belongings: a chest that was given to the museum by Bibi Habikyzy whose mother was a friend to Ahmet’s family, and a suitcase that was presented to the museum by scientist Z.Otarbaev.

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