Cultural heart of the city

Today, the State Museum of Art is the largest art museum in Kazakhstan and a research center in the field of visual arts. The name of the famous Soviet artist Abylkhan Kasteev was given to the museum only in 1984, and a monument to the painter that is welcoming guests at the Central entrance to the gallery was erected at the same time.

Awesome Art Collection

If you ever think to carefully examine all the exhibits of the museum, then you will need at least a week with no food or sleep breaks, because the entire collection consists of no less than 23 thousand unique paintings, sculptures and works of applied art. The main exhibition occupies 2 floors, 11 rooms and 10 galleries. All works are exhibited according to the «chronological principle», so that while looking around you can enjoy the formation and development of the Kazakh fine arts.

Active educational activities

Time moves and the development of the museum does not stand still. In addition to the main exhibition, the museum constantly holds exhibitions of Kazakhstani and foreign artists, photographers, sculptors and other artists. Luring representatives of all ages and interests into the world of art, the museum organizes open lectures, interactive events and thematic tours.

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