Born of a big heart

Almaty residents love their city so much that they even built a museum in its honor! Everything is interesting in it, from the building itself, which used to be a Vernensky orphanage, to a diverse exposition demonstrating the history of the southern capital from antiquity to the present day. There are also thematic halls devoted to mountaineering, models of peace and harmony and the city’s relationship with the leader of the nation.

Running through the eras

Over 40,000 exhibits of the museum are divided into 11 eras, ranging from “Ancient History” to “Almaty in the Twentieth Century”. This museum was one of the first created after the collapse of the USSR and in a short time it managed to collect a sufficient amount of interesting urban heritage. Photos and personal belongings, paintings and documents – each element of the collection carries its own unique history and stores a piece of the true Almaty spirit.

Inspiring others by personal example

Museum leaders believe that our city is worthy to be known all over the world. Therefore, the collection of exhibits constantly travels around the world and introduces residents of other countries — Russia, Ukraine, China, South Korea, etc. — to our city. In addition, the museum often hosts lectures, exhibitions, educational programs, international conferences, “round tables” – all in order to interest as many people as possible in the history of the city.

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