You can’t build future if you forget the past

The history of Kazakhstan from prehistoric times to the present day is collected within the walls of this museum. Mammoth skeletons, national costumes and horse harness, guns from the Second World War – each exhibit in the museum has its own special history and is ready to open it to grateful listeners with the help of experienced guides. You may find over 300 thousand items in the collection of the fund.

Museum History

The first reference to the creation of a museum collection dates back to the 30’s of the 19th century, when in the newly appeared «Museum of the Orenburg Territory» there were exhibits from the Semirechensky district. After the transfer of the capital, the museum moved to the city of Kyzyl Ordu, and only in 1929 it came to Almaty. The first building that sheltered the museum was the Ascension Cathedral. The modern building of the museum was built only in 1985 by a special order of the regional government.

Educational and entertainment program

The area of the Museum building is about 20 thousand square meters, while the spectator-accessible exhibition part is only 7000 sq. m. This museum is the most visited in the Republic. Every year it is visited by 130 thousand people, the museum’s directorate holds about 100 lectures on various topics a year, holds more than 30 exhibitions, special offers and cultural and educational programs.

One of the oldest and largest museums in Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region. The collection of the fund has about 300 thousand items.

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