Historical Monument of the Middle Ages

This historical sight represents several caves decorated with cave paintings from the XIV-XVI centuries. Here you can find images of animals and «sun men» – symbols of the main sun god Tengri. But that’s not all! You will be surprised to find images of Buddha and Burkhanov (Bodhisattvas) in the caves, accompanied by Tibetan inscriptions.

The legend of the drawings origin

There is no exact information about the origin of Buddhist drawings, but there is a legend among the people. According to it, a caravan once passed through the territory of the tract and was struck by an earthquake disaster. Stones began to fall from the rocks, which was perceived as a sign from heaven and the need to go back to India. On a broken piece of rock, the wanderers decided to carve this prediction that came to them with divine insight.

Mysterious prediction

It is believed that the prediction of the future is carved on the stone. It talks about the beginning of the third world war. According to it, on March 6, 2004, a prophet will be born who will change this world. In total, Tamgaly Tas has 18 stones, covered in drawings, the largest of which are Buddha images. And, although we do not know how this Buddhist sanctuary actually appeared, we can safely say that this place was once an open-air temple.

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