Favorite “glade” of Almaty

The stunning beauty of the Kok Zhailau gorge is located mere 10 km from Almaty. It is located between the Small and Large Almaty Gorge and can be reached from two sides – from the Cossack Gorge and from Medeu. Many tourists pass through it, coming from one side and going to the other side. The Kok Zhailau is framed by birch and pine groves, and an amazing panorama of the Talgar Pass and its surrounding peaks is visible from the pass.

Natural Apple Museum

Kok Zhailau is one of the few places where the legendary Sivers apple tree, the glorious ancestor of Almaty aport, has survived in nature. This relic variety is under special government protection. Awesome impressions are waiting for you if you climb here during the flowering of apple trees or at the time of the ripening of the harvest … Although Zhailau leaves unforgettable emotions for its guests at any other time of the year.

Easy to get even without knowing the route.

The route to Kok Zhailau is not considered difficult – even children and elderly people easily cope with it. In the summer, people often spend the night in tents, enjoying the clear mountain air and the beauty of the wild nature. The path to this place is popularly called the path of health, so here you can always meet a lot of tourists. Even if you go along the route for the first time, then you won’t manage to get lost and will always have someone to ask for directions.

Transport Bus number 12 from the hotel “Kazakhstan” to the stop “Просвященец”

On feet from the stop “Просвященец»

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