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The Turgen Gorge is located near Talgar, a satellite town of Almaty. From the city of Almaty, it can be reached in about 1.5 hours, excluding traffic jams on the highway. On the way to the gorge, tourists often stop by a trout farm and an ostrich farm, as well as study the Saka burial mounds and a large-scale monument to the golden man.

Bear Waterfall

The gorge is famous primarily for its amazing waterfalls. The first waterfall «Bear» has a height of 30 meters. It is located just 1 km from the road and a well-trodden mountain path leads to it. This waterfall impresses with its grandeur and crystal clear water. Some daredevils even risk swimming in the waterfall, although the water in it is cold, even when it is +30 outside.

Upper waterfall

The second waterfall is called «Upper» and it takes a little longer to get to it, but the path is also superimposed and it’s hard to get lost on it. This waterfall is located on the shady northern slope, and therefore it gives a silent gloomy impression. The height of this waterfall is already about 50 meters, the water beats in two cascades into a small lake dug in stone by the force of a turbulent stream.

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