Favorite route of Almaty citizens

This is one of the most beautiful places in the mountains near the city of Almaty. The waterfall is named after the Butakovsky gorge, where it is located, and it is one of the most popular tourist routes for residents of the capital. The height of the waterfall is 25 meters, and its full flow depends on the time of year – the creek is the broadest in the spring period of melting snow.

Blue Winter Icefall

Most of the way to the waterfall runs along the mouth of the stream – in one place you will even have to cross it. Along the way there will be clean drinking water right next to you, so when getting ready for a trip you should take empty bottles. In winter, the waterfall freezes, so we recommend visiting and personally seeing these incredibly bizarre blocks of clear blue ice, powdered with white snow, for anyone who wants to experience something new.

Upper / Far Falls

The waterfall that we described is not the only one in this gorge. Upstream there is another natural miracle, another 1.5 hour walk away from the main waterfall. The second waterfall can be seen on the way to the first, it will be located on the western slope of the gorge. On the way you will meet fewer tourists and there is a high probability to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall in reverent solitude.

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