One of the popular tourist routes

This peak is one of the largest and most attractive peaks of the Northern Tian-Shan slope. On a clear day, it is easily visible from the city – it has the shape of an almost regular pyramid and is the closest of the large peaks of the Almarasan Gorge. The height of the Big Almaty Peak is 3680 meters. Hike on BAP can not be called easy, but it does not require special preparation and equipment. The main thing you need in this campaign is good shoes and a desire to achieve your goal!

Beautiful milestones along the long path

The path to the summit will pass by the turquoise-blue lake Big Almaty Lake, which beauty is fascinating. After that, you will pass by the space station and will be very close to the border with Kyrgyzstan, so do not be surprised by the border detachments that you can meet on your way. The temperature drop in this area is frightening – from +30 in the afternoon to -10 in the evening. So try not to stay there till late at night.

Anchor points on the way to the top

At an altitude of 3,400 meters, it will be good to make a stop – a stunning view of the mountains of Zailiysky Alatau opens from here, and in general, you should accumulate enough strength before the last breakthrough. At the last steps to the summit you will be met by «gendarmes» – clusters of stone boulders, and you will need to go around them to climb to the summit.

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