The first German theatre group in the USSR was created on February 6, 1975. The official opening date of the Republican German Drama Theatre is December 26, 1980. On this day, took place the first Premiere. It was the play «The First» based on the play by the Russian German writer Alexander Raimgen. The Republican Academic German Drama Theatre is a unique creative team with a 40-year history. The theatre relies on the cultural heritage and expressive means of European and world dramaturgy, combining academism and modern theatrical practices in its work, organically weaving into the fabric of its performances the cultural and spiritual heritage of the peoples living in Kazakhstan.

Today’s theatre was formed and developed already in independent Kazakhstan. It has a troupe of people of different nationalities.

This is an example of harmony, community and tolerance; it is the unification of people through art. There is a creative laboratory at the theatre, where young directors, together with various creative collectives of the city, realize themselves in creativity. The theatre has extensive experience working with European directors, choreographers and artists. Expanding the boundaries of creativity is one of the main tasks of German. The German Theatre today is an active theatrical and creative platform with a great interest in innovation. The theatre is open for partnership, cooperation, friendship.

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