Theater «Zhas Sakhna» («The Young Stage») was created by Baiten Valikhanovich Omarov – Honored Artist of the Kazakh SSR, People’s Artist of the Kazakh SSR, Kazakh theatre director, actor of Soviet and Kazakh cinema, public figure and teacher. «One of the main tasks of the theatre is to call people to humanity, kindness. But you also need to come to the theatre with a pure mind. The theatre cannot grow until the director and actors become fans of their work.»

In 2006, Baiten Valikhanovich’s dream came true – he created the theatre «Zhas Sakhna» («The Young Stage»). The basis of the troupe of the new theatre was the artists of the student theater «Zhas Talent» led by Omarov. In 2013, the theatre had its own stage. The case of Baiten Valikhanovich continues to live and develop.

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