The Palace of students named after U. Zholdasbekov is a concert hall, which is part of the university complex of KazNU named after al-Farabi. Palace of students. U.A. Zholdasbekova takes the second place after the Palace of the Republic among objects of cultural and entertainment direction. The Palace of students named after U. Zholdasbekov was opened in January 1998. The main task of the Student Palace is to satisfy a variety of cultural needs, to develop amateur creativity of students and youth. The palace of students of KazNU is an original complex with 1537 seats with an area of 14,240 square meters. On the stage of the Palace solemn, celebratory and cultural events, concerts, aitys, KVNs are held.

About the structure

At the Palace of Students named after U. Zholdasbekov there is a dance ensemble Bakhyt, a student drama theater BIZ, an orchestra of folk instruments Farabi Sazy, which make it possible for young talents to reveal and express themselves on stage. These student bands, which are very popular, have been repeatedly noted at national contests and festivals. In the guise of the Palace of Students, the principles of modernism and features of national architecture are combined. The structure stands on a hill and is well surveyed, which visually facilitates its massive structure. The main entrance to the five-story building is located on the side of the esplanade. A wide staircase leads to it, and symmetrical fountains are arranged on both sides of it. In terms of plan, the Palace of Students is an octahedron with four wide sides that form the main facades of the building, and four narrow faces that are adjoined by staircase risalits. The risalits rise above the roof level, stretching the building in height. There is no decor on them, only the axes are marked with rectangular windows.

The ground floor of the building is deepened and accented by the clear rhythm of the pylons. The fifth, technical floor is also buried, which allows you to visually separate the roof of a complex shape from the building and create the effect of its soaring in the air. The wide frieze hanging over the facades has a slight bevel on the short sides of the octagon and a double kink on the long ones. The main facades facing the four cardinal points are divided into five sections by vertical supports. Before the stained-glass window, at the level of Floors 2-4, ornamental sun-screens with wide upper and lower belts are placed. The building is lined with shell rock, the vertical slabs of which create various rustication and corrugations.

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