Gani Muratbaev (1902–1925) was a public figure and founder of the Komsomol in the Kazakh SSR.

In 1911, Ghani was sent to a Russian elementary school, in which he developed an interest in knowledge and teaching. He continued his studies at the city pedagogical institute. In 1916, mother and sister died of typhoid. Gani was left alone and left for Tashkent, went to a boarding school, and then to college, where he got his secondary education. After the October Revolution in 1918, Gani opened the first Komsomol organization in Kazakhstan and became the first person to head the Komsomol organization of the republic, then called the Kyrgyz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. At the head of the organization, Gani Muratbaev helped people in solving their difficulties, gathered poor, hungry and homeless children, placed them in a boarding school, identified them with documents, and involved them in active public actions. He stood at the origins of the creation of the first youth association of Kazakhstan.

Youth Union

The successor of this union in the early 1990s, according to the decision of the Congress of the Lenin Communist Youth Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was the Youth Union of Kazakhstan. From 1921 to 1924, Muratbaev worked as the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Komsomol of Turkestan, uniting the Komsomol organizations of the Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen, Kyrgyz republics and the southern regions of Kazakhstan. Muratbaev instructed the Komsomol members to rewrite legends and fairy tales to help the ethnographer scientist Aubakir Divaev. In 1925, in Orenburg, the monumental work of A.V. Zataevich 1000 songs of the Kyrgyz people from the words of Gani Muratbaev was recorded the famous Dudar-ai. The poets Magzhan Zhumabaev, Ilyas Zhansugurov, Zhuban Muldagaliev, Zharylaskyn Boranbaev composed songs about Gani’s short life. In his hometown of Kazalinsk, he is lovingly called Batyr Ghani or Batyr-bala.

The streets in the cities of Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Aktobe and Kyzylorda bear the name of Gani Muratbaev, In honor of the organizer of the Komsomol in Central Asia and Kazakhstan Gani Muratbaev (1902-1925), there was a monument on Dostyk and Satpayev streets erected in 1985. The bronze sculpture of G. Muratbaev is made according to the model of sculptors T.S. Dosmagambetova and O.G. Prokopieva and mounted on a pedestal of granite stone (architects Sh.E. Valikhanov, A.S. Kainarbayev). On the pedestal there is the text Gani Muratbaev. The height of the monument is 3.7 m.

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