“Angel on a throne”

The pedestal is located near the Almaty hotel, where the musical film” Angel in a throne “was shot in 1968. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the creative intelligentsia: people’s artist of the USSR Bibigul Tulegenova, theater and film actors, people’s artists of the Kazakh SSR Yuri Pomerantsev and Asanali Ashimov, Kazakh poet and writer Olzhas Suleimenov. The bronze object stands on a 30-centimeter granite pedestal. The sculpture is made in a natural volume of 1.2 meters. The author is the sculptor N. Dalbay. Shaken Aimanov is a Kazakh actor, director, people’s artist of the USSR. Born on February 15, 1914 in Bayanaul. Since 1933, he worked in the Kazakh drama theater (now the Kazakh Academic Drama Theater named after Mukhtar Auezov), where he played more than a hundred roles. Since 1954, he has been a director of the Kazakhfilm film studio. He is the author of such films as” steppe girl”,” poem about love”,” our beloved doctor”,” song calls”,” Perekrestok”,” the Blind deceiver”,” Angel in a throne”,” the end of the Ataman ” and others.

Acting skills

During his work in the theater, he showed acting skills, which were characterized by openness of psychological characteristics. Since 1938, he began acting in films, and since 1954-director of the Kazakhfilm film studio. He started his career in the Kazakh drama theater and devoted 20 years of his life to it. He went his way from a young actor to a chief Director and artistic director.
The image of Othello is the star role of Aimanov. In England, on Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, he read Othello’s monologue on stage, and it was one of the real stories. There, for the first time, the great Shakespeare spoke on the stage of England in Kazakh. Shaken Aimanov was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of the Kazakh SSR and outstanding actor, and Soviet film director Sergey Bondarchuk in the newspaper “Pravda” noted “skill and sincerity”, “expressiveness”, “his creative thinking and imagination”. In the 60s, shaken Aimanov shot nine film productions, two of which he played himself. The most important films of that time were “in one district”, “song calls”, “Perekrestok”, “land of the fathers”, “Angel with a throne”, “at the foot of Naizatas” and the 2-Episode film “the end of the Ataman”.
Shaken Aimanov was an outstanding figure of Soviet cinema. His work was known abroad. He has been to a number of foreign countries — the United States, England, Italy, France, Egypt, and has staged various films by genre — tragedies, comedies, movies, and dramas.

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