Victor Robertovich Tsoi (1962-1990) was a Soviet rock musician, songwriter and artist

Victor Robertovich Tsoi (1962-1990) was a Soviet rock musician, songwriter and artist, the founder and front man of the Kino rock band, in which he sang, played the guitar and was the author of songs. In addition, he also starred in several films. Was named as Best Actor of 1989 according to the Soviet Screen magazine. In the summer of 1981, Viktor Tsoi, Alexei Rybin and Oleg Valinsky founded the Garin and Hyperboloids band, which was already accepted into the Leningrad Rock Club in the fall. The first song written by Tsoi was called My Friends. Soon Valinsky was drafted into the army, and the band, changing its name to Kino, began recording their debut album in the spring of 1982.

Unknown songs of urgor Tsoi”.

The recording got some distribution: people started to talk about the band, apartment concerts were being organized in Moscow and Leningrad. Together with the future drummer of the Zoopark Valery Kirilov, in the autumn of the same year, the Kino band recorded several songs in Andrey Kuskov’s studio, including Vesna (Spring) and Poslednuy Geroy (The Last Hero), which were included in Viktor Tsoi’s Unknown Songs collection. In the spring of 1988, a draft is recorded, so was in winter the final version of the album A Star named the Sun, which they decided to release in the fall. Tsoi met with Yuri Aizenshpis, who since 1989 became the producer of Kino, organizing concert tours and frequent appearances on television, after which the band gained all-Union popularity. In early 1989, the Kino band traveled abroad for the first time to France, where it released the album The Last Hero. In the summer, Victor and Yuri Kasparyan went to the United States. Meanwhile, Igla (The Needle) takes second place among the released Soviet films that year, and at the Golden Duke film festival in Odessa, Viktor Tsoi is recognized as the best actor in the USSR.

On June 24, 1990, the last Kino concert was held in Moscow at the Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena. At this concert, for the first time after the Moscow Olympics-80, a fire was lit in the Olympic bowl. After that, Tsoi and Kasparyan retired to a summer house near Jurmala, where they began recording material for a new album at a port studio. This album, supplemented and compiled by the musicians of the Kino band after Tsoi’s death, was released in January 1991 and received the symbolic name as Black Album, with the appropriate cover design. Song Tsoi remain popular among young people to this day. It is believed that the death of Tsoi even contributed to the popularity of Kino, creating a kind of cult of a hero died tragically. The installation of the monument was planned back in 2017, but at that time it did not work out. But now the monument flaunts on the famous Tulebaev Street, where the cult films The Balcony and The Needle, as well as The Regions were shot.

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