The most high-altitude skating rink in the world

The "Medeo" complex is located on the border of the city of Almaty at an altitude of 1691 meters above sea level. Beautiful views of the tops of the Zailiysky Ala Tau mountains, clean air, soft sun - Almaty residents of all ages and occupations love to spend their time here. Medeo got its name in honor of a nomad who lived here at the beginning of the twentieth century and founded an aul (village) in that area.

The health ladder

842 legendary steps are well known to all residents of the city and its visiting guests. Not everyone can climb them "in one breath", but the fascinating view from the dam to the skating rink, its surroundings and enchanting mountain landscapes are worth the effort.


The rink has been operating since 1972 and it hosts up to 240 thousand visitors annually. The area of the rink is 10.5 thousand square meters, so speed skating, ice hockey and figure skating competitions are often held there. On the territory of Medeo, more than 200 different records were set, and 123 of them are of world importance. The ice coating on the skating rink is 2.3 meters thick and is a special chemical compound based on pure high-mountain water without salt admixture, which allows for special skating speed and softness.


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Mon: closed Tue-San: 10:00–23:00



Bus stop in front of the hotel "Kazakhstan"


Any city taxi can bring you to the "Medeu"

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