During his working visit to Almaty, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev visited the Visit Almaty tourist hub to learn about the development of the tourist potential of the city.

During a visit to the new tourist hub Visit Almaty, which opened in the Palace of Sports named after Baluan Sholak in November of this year, the Prime Minister was told that every tourist can get all the necessary information in the consulting center: maps, guides, atlases of mountain routes, brochures of tour operators, announcements of cultural events, etc. In addition, consultants are called upon to assist in solving various problems – from emergency, law-related and health, to logistics, for example, “where to eat and how to get to Kok-tobe.” Over 11 months, more than 25.2 thousand tourists were helped at the center. Bakytzhan Sagintayev visited the tourist information center. Aigul Zanserikova, director of the Qazaq Oner artisans center, presented a yurt at the yurt- photo zone and noted the successful location of the hub. Here, projects are being implemented to promote tourism potential, and an analysis of the competitiveness of the region and the development of tourism is carried out. On the territory of the center there are seven educational zones, decorated in the national style, there is a co-working platform for tourists.

The deputy akim of the city, Yerlan Aukenov, in turn, said that thanks to the work being done, the number of tourists in the city this year increased by 11% compared to last year. 43.6% of tourists visited Almaty, almost half of all foreign tourists coming to Kazakhstan. The number of tourists arriving in Almaty for the II quarter of 2018 is 503 thousand people..

The Head of State pays special attention to the development of tourism. In the Message to the People of Kazakhstan “New development opportunities in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution” it is noted that one of the promising sources for any region is the development of inbound and domestic tourism, which today creates every tenth job in the world. In this regard, the Government is carrying out comprehensive work on the development of infrastructure and the removal of barriers in the tourism industry. In 2019, the State Program for the Development of Tourism until 2023 will be developed for the first time. The main indicator of the program will be the increase in the share of tourism relative to GDP to 8%.

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