For those who enjoy an active lifestyle, relish the thrill of personal exploration, and navigate Almaty’s attractions, 2GIS and the Almaty Tourism Bureau curate monthly selections featuring the finest, latest, most relevant, and unique routes across our cherished city. Are you already familiar with where to locate all this?

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The central theme of this March compilation revolves around Nowruz. And this isn’t just because it’s arguably the most cherished holiday in Kazakhstan. The calendar reveals that this March boasts 14 weekends out of 17 working days! So, during the first month of spring, Kazakhs are all set for an extended break! And this implies… Welcome to Almaty!


We’ll guide you on activities that capture the essence of Nowruz: from workshops on crafting traditional Kazakh pastries like kuraq-korpe or designing unique hats (tubeteyek) to the captivating “Falconry” show.

Stay optimistic, lively, and energetic throughout the month of Nowruz!

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