Popular attractions

Popular attractions

At whatever time of the year, you have not come to Almaty, this city will always find something to surprise you and what to show. Here to you, the TOP-10 places created by nature will be interesting.

Big Almaty Lake

Go on an excursion to the Big Almaty Lake. Height – 2500meters above sea level and watercolor clouds that are reflected in the transparent infinity of water. You will spend several hours enjoying the pristine beauty of glaciers, mountain peaks, and Tien-Shan firs.


The largest national park in the country. The landscape is preserved in its original form. From the curious – geological formations, endangered species of animals, birds, plants, as well as ancient archaeological and historical monuments of Kazakhstan culture.

Lake Kaindy

This is one of the most fantastic places in Kazakhstan. Located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, among the lush coniferous forest. The water in the lake is crystal clear, with a turquoise hue on sunny days. Its main feature is in the trunks of Tien Shan firs, which aspire to the sky directly from the water depths, like the masts of sunken ships.

Botanical Garden

It looks like a real reserve. But with neat, convenient for unhurried walks alleys and paths. Hundreds of species of trees, bushes, flowering plants. Japanese garden, greenhouses, nursery. And also birds and squirrels, which you can watch for hours and even feed. However, if you are lucky, expect a meeting with a fox, which is increasingly seen in the Almaty Botanical Gardens in recent years.

Apple-tree gardens

Almaty is not just a city of apples. According to research conducted in 2006 by British scientists, it is also the homeland of all apples on Earth! This theory is confirmed by the results of DNA analysis of about 2500 modern apple varieties. And it is in our mountains that the “Apple Sieversii” (Malus Sieversii) – a wild apple tree, named in honor of the first botanist Johann Sievers, who first drew attention to it in 1796, is still growing in the mountains. In his Letters from Siberia, Sivers pointed out that he found apple trees in the Tarbagatai region with amazing properties: they have very deep roots, so they can survive at critical temperatures from -40 to +40, perfectly tolerate drought, are able to withstand illnesses and live up to 300 years!

Museum of Almaty

Almaty is a city with a thousand-year history, by right is the cultural capital of Kazakhstan. And, a favorite place on the map of the republic, for millions of people who have even once been here. Not surprisingly, in 2001 the museum of the city was founded. Today it is a major scientific and cultural center of the region’s heritage. Here, more than 35 thousand ethnographic and cultural exhibits are carefully preserved, clearly telling about the life and history of the peoples living now on the territory of Almaty.

“Medeu” Complex

Medeu is a world-famous high-altitude sports complex, located 20 minutes drive from the center of Almaty. Height above sea level – 1691 meters. The mild climate of the gorge, the optimal level of solar radiation, low atmospheric pressure, light wind, and pure glacial water, all provided «Medeu with the glory of the “fastest ice” for the competition. And for thousands of tourists and Almaty residents, who are used to spending their days off here, this is also a place of rest for the whole family. In winter, young people, children, and old-timers skate. In the summer, tickets for music festivals and competitions, which are traditionally held in the arena of the ice rink, are actively bought up.

Mountain resort «Shymbulak»»

Despite its relatively small size, Shymbulak is certainly one of the most modern, most comfortable and most luxurious ski resorts in Central Asia. It is popular with its mild climate, plenty of sunny days and an abundance of snow in winter. The average depth of the snow cover during the season is about 1.5 meters.

«Kok Tobe» Park

One more favorite place in Almaty. To choose for a walk here the townspeople consider a good family tradition. And also, this park on the mountain, to which it is easiest to get on the funicular flying up to the mountain like a magnet attracts couples in love. And they can be understood, the view of the city (especially in the evenings) can provoke a romance attack even in the most notorious pragmatists.

Park 28 Panfilov guardsmen

The long, flimsy avenues, the spacious square in front of the Ascension Cathedral, the Museum of Kazakh Folk Musical Instruments named after Ykylas and the memorial of Glory built for the 30th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). Walking here is peaceful. And cause a special tenderness to the city, when looking at the elders, who are playing in the damo in the shadow of century-old oaks and children roller-skating.