Non-standard destinations

Obviously, each country/city has a list of tourist attractions that everyone should visit. However, some places are known only to the natives of the city, and it is those places that are attractive to visitors. Next, you will get acquainted with the top 10 secret and unknown places for travelers.

Bestamak Canyon

Almost every tourist who comes to Almaty visits the Charyn Canyon. In fact, Charyn is associated with bizarre stones. But not everyone knows about the secret place – the Bestamak Canyon, which is located at the drying river Bestamak. Noisy streams of water, carving millions of years of bizarre and interesting canyon shapes, can be seen only during the spring melting of glaciers or heavy rains. The Bestamak Canyon is 6 km long and starts at the small Katu Mountains, between the Valley of the Castles and the Temirlik Canyon.

As it is an informal place, the way to this place is not known to everyone. From the asphalt you must drive along the azimuth to the northeast for about 20 km. It may sound close, although you can easily get lost. Therefore, in order not to rotate extra miles, it is better to load the track into the canyon on your navigator or smartphone with installed navigation program.

Star glade

Here come many teenagers, lovers and other people who want to enjoy the romantic atmosphere. The Star Glade is also called the «Mountain of Love» and it offers a stunning view of the city and the infinity knight sky. In addition, it is one of the most wonderful panoramas of the city, where many couples spend pleasant, cozy evenings. The address is not known to everyone, but once you get there, it is easy to remember. You need to go up Navoi Street, and further, from the traffic police post to the right. It is recommended to go by car, don’t worry about parking as there is a place to park your car.

Tram depot of Almaty

At the time when there was a tram in Almaty, it gave a special atmosphere to the city. Unfortunately, since October 31, 2015, tram traffic in the city has been stopped. In 2017, a loft center for young people appeared on the site of the former tram depot. The infrastructure of the station is very rich and saturated. The Loft Center has co-working centers, volunteer movement, young artists, training and others.

Everyone says, «Almaty is a city of youth», and this is a fact. Initially, the depot was equipped for young people, but, nevertheless, not everyone knows and visits this place. Therefore, this center is considered a non-standard place with an unusual history.

Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is the pearl of Almaty, which was founded in 1932 on an area of 108 hectares. This place with the most beautiful samples of flora of Eurasia and America, oak, linden, pine and other alluring alleys are very unique. In 2006 the Botanical Garden was included in the list of «Protected areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan», and since then this place is one of the best and cozy gardens in Almaty. The garden is not only the main center of research and development in the field of botany in Kazakhstan, but also a picturesque place for walks and recreation. Many residents of the city come there to do a photo shoot and video shoot, as the nature of the garden is incredibly amazing.

Terrenkur in Almaty

This is one of the favorite places in Almaty, where you can do sports, ride a bike or just walk along the river. If you like quiet and calm places for romantic dates, Terrenkur is exactly the right place. The place is far from a crowded city with green trees, and scenic views make the place beautiful. The length of the trail is about 5 kilometers, which allows you to walk on it and strengthen your health. If you have already visited all known «entertainment» and want to look into the nature of Almaty, this place is highly recommended.

Butakov gorge

The southern capital of Kazakhstan is famous for its stunning mountains and, undoubtedly, one of the informal places is the Butakov Gorge. It is a picturesque mountain gorge located in the mountains of Zailiskiy Alatau in the territory of the city of Almaty. It is located at an altitude of 1700-2900 m above sea level. In winter, the waterfall becomes insanely beautiful with a crystal clear view, and in summer it is a salvation in hot weather. When it’s warm, Almaty residents usually go up to Butakovka for picnics, and in cold weather there are several slides for children to ride on balloons.

Recreation area «Play off»

If you want to enjoy the aesthetic view and admire the sunset of Almaty, Play Off is waiting for you!

This place is not known to everyone, but recently it has become popular among citizens as the best place to relax. Play Off has become a favorite place for city residents to hold wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, although the venue is convenient for both meetings and evening gatherings.

All tourists of Almaty visit Kok Tobe and fall in love with the landscape, although there are always a lot of people and sometimes it is impossible to relax. In this case, Play off offers its guests a comfortable atmosphere, and even a personal pastime.

Villa Del Mamedich

Villa Del Mamedich, in fact, the most unknown place for both residents of Almaty and travelers. It is located high in the mountains. The villa offers a cosy mountain bath with a shower room and a relaxation room. Many people come there to relax spiritually and meditate with a beautiful view of the mountains of Almaty.

The interior creates the atmosphere of the house with stained-glass windows and a real Russian oven. This is the place where your body and soul rest.

The Wall of memory of Batyrkhan Shukenov

Batyrkhan Kamalovich Shukenov was a Soviet, Kazakh and Russian pop singer, musician, saxophonist, composer, poet. Moreover, he was an honored artist of Kazakhstan. In 2005, a wall was installed on Panfilov Street in memory of B. Shukenov. Since then, this corner is known mainly among the native Almaty people, where they come and play guitar, sing songs, remembering the great artist. This place was not chosen by chance, once Batyrkhan held creative evenings and friendly meetings in the house next to this wall.

Baum’s grove

This is a park zone in Almaty, founded in 1894 on an area of 150 hectares by Eduard Baum. In 2006 the grove was included in the list of «Protected areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan» because of the variety of trees planted there. Eduard Baum imported and introduced 44 deciduous, 17 coniferous and 52 shrub species. Also delivered are 74 varieties of apple, 49 varieties of pears and other fruit plants. In addition, in the territory of the grove there is a dog-walking area and a children’s wooden town. This place is the greenest in Almaty city and attracts people with a variety of trees.

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