On May 17 and 18, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Kazakhstan held a master class by Ms. Venni A. Alamsyah on the Indonesian art of Batik painting in the “Tourist Information Center” Visit Almaty.

Batik – hand-painted on fabric (silk, cotton, synthetics, wool). On October 2, 2009, he was included in the UNESCO list of masterpieces of the oral and spiritual heritage of mankind.

Below is her short interview specifically for VisitAlmaty

I specially came from Indonesia for this event at the invitation of the Embassy of Indonesia. In 2009, the Indonesian handwritten batik was officially recognized as the intangible heritage of mankind. Today we have brought special devices for making handwritten batik. For this technique of applying traditional patterns, a bamboo handle with a copper hole is used, this traditional tool is called CHANTING. There is a small hole where wax is poured in, which is applied to traditional patterns similar to flowers on cotton fabric. This technique distinguishes us from other nations. It will take 8 months of manual labor to make a 2-meter handwritten batik. Thus, we produce only high-quality materials with clear patterns. A unique and diverse technique is passed from grandmothers to mothers and from mothers to daughters. Daughters from the age of 5 begin and practice their education after school until adulthood. Each family has its own pronounced technique. There are 3 types of applying patterns on fabrics:

  1. Handwritten batik: Using a traditional Chanting tool
  2. Stamped batik: iron machines are used (world-famous technique)
  3. Painted batik: A brush is used to outline the contours of the drawing.

I am in Kazakhstan for the first time, I have experience in conducting master classes in more than 10 countries, where local craftsmen and residents were able to learn Indonesian traditional techniques during the events.

The purpose of the event is to familiarize the Kazakh people with the peculiar culture of Indonesia, with the national style, with ornaments and patterns peculiar to this country. Including the rapprochement of the two peoples through the presentation of cultural heritage.

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