The cathedral in honor of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God was erected from the materials of the St. Sophia Church, by transferring the building from the Bolshaya Village to Malaya one in 1864. It was commemorated in the founding of the Almaty settlements (June 8, 1855) and the victory over the Kokandans in the Uzun-Agach case (October 21, 1860).

The parish had been designed by a famous Russian architect M. Brusilovsky almost 10 years from 1889 to 1898. The consecration was performed by Bishop Arkady (Karpinsky) of Tashkent and Turkestan in 1901. Services have been held since 1898. The first service in the church was held on July 1, 1872 by the bishop Sophonius, who headed the new Turkestan-Tashkent diocese in Russia with its center in the city of Verny. The temple building has undergone repeated repairs, changes in the external image and internal redevelopment. After the earthquake of 1887 and 1910, the temple was radically rebuilt. During the Soviet period, the territory of the church became part of the Ray of the East Collective Farm, and in 1930 the church was closed. On December 16, 1944, the bells of the old stanitsa church ringed again and prayers sounded under its arches. It was one of the first temples of Alma-Ata, returned to the believers of the city. Six months later, Alma-Ata and and whole Kazakhstan Nikolai (Theodosius of Mogilev) the archbishop, newly appointed to the department, served the first service here.

On October 26, 1945, the priest Nikolai, Metropolitan of Alma-Ata and Kazakhstan, began his ministry in the Kazan Church. Metropolitan Joseph (Chernov), who was revered by believing Kazakhstanis, was very fond of serving here. In 1953, a chapel was added to the main building in honor of the great martyr George the Victorious. On January 26, 1984, by decision of the Executive Committee of the Alma-Ata City Council of People’s Deputies of January 26, 1984 No. 2/35 “On Monuments of History and Culture of Local Alma-Ata”, the Kazan Church building was included in the list of historical and cultural monuments. Restoration work and improvement of the temple were carried out in 1998, on the occasion of the centenary of the erection of the Little-settlement settlement to the degree of an independent village. By this date, Alexy (Kutepov), the Archbishop of Kazan Church was erected in the Cathedral. In 2016, the Miraculous Kazan Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary was brought to the cathedral for worship, in whose honor the temple was named. The church is wooden, cruciform, octagonal, on a stone basement. Inside and outside the temple and bell tower are plastered.