The main mosque of the city

In Kazakhstan, islam is the main religion that has been recognized by the Kazakh people for more than a thousand years. In our city there are more than 20 mosques, but it is precisely the Zhuma mosque located on Pushkin Street that is considered central. The building was built in 1999, its architects were S. Baimagambetov, J. Sharapiev, K. Zharylganov.

The Arabic word “mosque” is translated as “a place of earthly worship to God”

Architectural ensemble

The capacity of the mosque is 3000 people. The southwestern part of the building faces Mecca, and a beautiful pentahedral mihrab stands out on it. At the corners of the building are the towers of Guddasta, their domes are covered with real gold leaf. The height of the tower minaret is 47 meters, and the main dome is 36 meters. Inside, the dome is decorated with a color mosaic in which you can read the wise suras from the Koran.

Interior decoration

Entering the building, you will find the Friday, ritual, and female halls. There are also special upper mezzanines, which serve as an additional area for worshipers. The entire wall space is covered with white marble slabs, and the portals are decorated with carved wooden doors. A luxurious chandelier with a diameter of about 5 meters is hanging under the dome.