Buggy and quad bikes

The world of adrenaline and off-road adventures

Freedom of wheels begins where the roads end! And there’s a great entertainment that will allow you to become real kings of off-road - buggy walks and quad bikes. Race through the mud or just quietly ride enjoying the stunning scenery - the choice is yours, but these walks will be interesting for everyone, from children to senior citizens.

Simple control technique

Such walks do not require special professional skills. You will receive the instructions required to manage the tool on the spot and within 15 minutes you will be able to set off. If the established safety precautions are observed, the risk of injury lowers to zero, and special helmets and overalls will protect you from unlikely falls.

No rules and restrictions.

Riding on these vehicles can be done alone or together, occasionally changing roles. Letting your extremal out and completely lose yourself in a ride that you’re not allowed to take in the city — that’s a real pleasure that will leave us with unforgettable impressions. Only adults can ride a buggy, and quadracycles are easily operated even by children.



Каскеленские овраги


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