Top 10 Restaurants

In the East, it is generally recognized that a woman is the “keeper of the hearth”, which creates a completely comfortable life for family members, and Kazakhstan is no exception in this case. But it is worth noting that currently this phenomenon is changing a little and many prefer to enjoy comfort and delicious food in cafes and restaurants. Almaty is the metropolis where the cultures of various peoples of Asia and Europe are intertwined, which makes the city universal and interesting. This means that here you can find any cuisine, whatever you want to try. The list of restaurants offered below will help you satisfy your inner gourmet.

1. Italian restaurant Parmigiano

If you like good Italian food and prefer sparkling wine, then you probably should visit this restaurant. In addition to Italian food, you can try European and vegetarian food here. The aquarium of the restaurant always has a huge selection of seafood: various types of oysters, lobsters and Kamchatka crabs. Parmigiano Restaurant is one of the best restaurants of the Parmigiano group, which has 25 franchises in Almaty and Astana. The restaurant was designed by a very popular designer in the world and has the ability to surprise its guests at first sight. There are VIP places, such as a wine tavern and a library. In addition, the summer terrace with stunning views of the mountains and the sunset will undoubtedly leave an amazing aftertaste for everyone. Another thing worth mentioning about this restaurant is its food prices and service. For many people, the price at Parmigiano is high compared to other local restaurants. Despite the high cost of food, the Parmigiano restaurant is located in a great place, away from the city center, so you can relax and enjoy the fresh air and a silent atmosphere.

2. Korean House Restaurant

Whereas Kazakhstan is known as the heart of Asia, the cuisine of the Asian continent is highly appreciated here. Since Almaty is the megalopolis of the country, residents and tourists love Chinese, Japanese and, in general, Asian food. Korean House Restaurant is an ideal place for Asian cuisine. One of the advantages of this restaurant is the menu in three languages: Russian, English and Korean, as well as loyal food prices. Moreover, in Kazakhstan it is very difficult to find a place where pork is served, and Korean House is one of the few places where you can buy pork. Korean House has four locations around the city.

3. Darejani

A chain of modern Georgian restaurants, where old and modern traditions harmoniously intertwine like Yin and Yang. This is a place for real gourmets who enjoy eating hot khachapuri, khinkali on marble dough and drinking their favorite sparkling wine. Darejani is a restaurant that allows you to visit the Caucasus for a while. Entering this restaurant, you will feel the hospitality of Georgia, the unpretentiousness of Armenia and the friendliness of Azerbaijan. In addition, the interior of the restaurant is delightful and is able to convey the atmosphere of Tbilisi to every guest.

4. Alasha

To feel the atmosphere of nomads and taste their traditional food… Isn’t this the first purpose of visiting Kazakhstan?! Alasha just offers you everything traditional related to Kazakhstan. The restaurant is located right by the mountains, has all Kazakh national dishes, in addition, the waiters wear uniforms with Kazakh national ornaments, which gives an extraordinary style to the restaurant. The restaurant offers its guests to taste various meals from the menu, which presents dishes of Eastern European and Asian cuisine.

5. Pech

Anyone who visits the Pech says that this place is one of the “must-visit” places in Almaty, and this is the inevitable truth. The name of the place speaks for itself, and everything is cooked in the oven, even the bread, which is always crisp and fresh. This feature makes the Pech a very special place in Almaty. In addition, gourmet cuisine and delicious cocktails will certainly become a wonderful part of your visit and will not leave you indifferent.

6. Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket is a chain of South African seafood restaurants that offer homely comfort and excellent food for those who want to enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Here you can taste all the most delicious seafood dishes, from shrimp to sushi. In addition, some restaurants have shops with fresh seafood, which gives this place an extraordinary style and a big plus.

There are two Ocean Basket restaurants in Almaty, and both of them are located in the city center, so it’s easy to get there. This is a really spacious place with good service and a stunning interior that is definitely worth a visit.

7. Del Mar Fish Restaurant

Anyone who has visited Almaty or just a resident of the city will surely say that this is a city of mountains. In the city you can find many places where you can have a good time with family and friends with a view of these great mountains. However, for true gourmets and lovers of a good restaurant, there are several places worth visiting, and one of them is Del Mar. The restaurant offers its guests an assortment of fresh seafood, Mediterranean and European cuisine. Besides, the wine list of the restaurant is very huge and will surprise you without any doubt.

8. THALI Restaurant

Since Almaty is a big city, there are many nationalities and, accordingly, there are enough restaurants and cafes offering dishes of different cuisines. If you like spicy food and good cocktails, THÁLI warmly welcomes you. This is a modern restaurant in the center of Almaty, with an emphasis on Indian and Lebanese food. These are traditional dishes adapted to the tastes and rhythm of cosmopolitan life. This is a riot of colors, new sensations and real experiences that are necessary to live and feel.

9. The Monkey bar and restaurant

You, probably, heard that the most beautiful sunset in Almaty. If your desire to look at sunset increase during the reading, this bar open for you! This place is located on the 12th floor and has a summer terrace from which you can enjoy fantastic mountain views and a mesmerizing sunset. In addition to various types of drinks, the Monkey Bar offers its guests to enjoy American, European and Asian cuisine. Here you can arrange a romantic date or a hearty breakfast in the fresh air.

10. Sandyq

Sandyk is the original Kazakh name of a unique household item, one of the oldest types of furniture, in which precious products for each family were stored and transported. The purpose of our restaurant with the same name “Sandyk” is to show the age–old traditions in cooking food, hospitality in general, and to present unique items of historical and cultural significance, household products of the South Kazakhstan region.

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