A heritage of millenia

To see a thin line of the Ili river, purple Sogety and Boguty mountains, white peaks of Ketmen ridge at a hight of Singing Barkhan, and with a little luck to hear its songs. To encounter a genuine Przewalski’s horse and visit ancient «Besshatyr» necropolis of Sakh tsars – the biggest Sakh burial sites dated to 7-6 B.C. Last but not least, Altyn-Emel National Park – mystic trip to the heart of the desert.

The only Barkan in the world

This is the only Barkan in the world that doesn’t move in spite of the fluctuation of sand and powerful winds. It’s been in the same place for a long time.Barkhan got its name due to the sound of the wind which travels around sand falls. Most notably, this sound is like engine roar of a jet plane and changes its tone depending on ventilation.

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