A horse is a means of transportation, food, pulling force and a combat vehicle for a nomad. Thereupon, horses are deemed to be sacred animals in the steppes. They are a guaranty of survival. Even though iron horses have replaced true horses, horse riding skills are still distinctive feature of a nomad. Riding develops coordination of movements and good for vertebras. There are a lot of horse amusements near Almaty: jockeyship lessons, horse breaking, saddling and horse riding expedition – everything it takes to rouse the nomad in you.


A Yurt is a portable house of nomads. It’s made of twigs and felt. A yurt is well-travelled enough: assembled and dismantled very lightly. Even though nowadays people live in big cities, you still have a chance to feel the nomad in you staying in a yurt overnight. Where is the best place to do it? There are a plenty of preserved and picturesque places in Almaty, where yurts can replace luxury hotels. Aside from staying overnight you can also live in there for some time. Moreover, if you are eager to feel a real nomad life, you are able to decamp to jailow (high mountain pastures in Kazakhstan and Kirghizia) with a shepherd and his family.


Hunting with a golden eagle is one the most ancient types of hunting. It requires great skills and particular bond between an owner and a bird. Golden Eagle contests take place near Almaty, which attract a lot of eagle hunters from different parts of the country and sometimes even from abroad. A range of hospitable farmsteads which offer night lodgings, food and entertainment can also provide with golden eagle hunting service. Come and try! Step into a glorious steppe with a real golden eagle and rouse the nomad in you.

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